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A signal box

Again, not a blow by blow account of the build, just a few notes and pictures.  I recently built this signal box for my current layout, Farleigh.  It is based on the box at Adversane Crossing, between Billingshurst and Pulborough.     Once again 1.5mm mount board was used for the structure.  Clear plastic packaging was used for the window glass with strips of self-adhesive label for the glazing bars.  As the front elevation can't be seen on the layout, I did not bother to re

#15 - Construction continued - Detailing the Chassis

Originally I'd thought no further than using the under floor detail parts from the Ratio Kit. However a visit to Dart Models for some detailing parts which I did need, pipes, ventilators, lamps etc. set me off in another direction altogether. #15 is documented as having a dynamo and it can be clearly seen on the left side to the left of the middle door. However no battery box is visible from either side so I haven't bothered to add one! The Dart dynamo is a neat 3 part white-metal kit

#15 - Construction continued - The Sides and Interior

Completing the two sides required the shaping of the large saloon windows followed by the usual steps of filling and sanding back the multitude of joins. With hindsight I should have carved off the molded handrails and door handles earlier but as a first time effort I was happy with the overall outcome. Finally some 0.5mm PS strip was cut to shape and scored to make up the missing ventilators.   This shows the sides after painting and transfers.   The Second Saloon has

A goods shed after Edward Beal

Like the previous posting this is not a blow by blow account of the build, just some notes on different aspects of construction and some pictures.     This drawing for this model appears on page 113 of Modelling the Old-Time Railways by Edward Beal.  I required a fairly small goods shed for my currently being built layout, Farleigh (link below), and this appeared to fit the bill.   I used 1.5mm mount board similar to some of the previous builds on this blog.  This picture giv

A garage after John Ahern

This is not a blow by blow account of this build, just an example of how easy it is to achieve reasonable results using the techniques already shown earlier in this blog.   On page 114 of Miniature Building Construction by John H. Ahern are drawings of Bert's Garage, one of those wooden structures with a corrugated iron roof, found anywhere in the kingdom.   I built this model as an example of the craft as part of a series of 'Zoom' meetings, grandly named 'Card Buildings Mas

Traverser, Tweaks and More Tracks.

Discovered today that I had ordered a different track (PECO SL-300F I believe) than I usually use - SL-300.   The result was that the track on the deck was approx 1 or 2mm lower than the track on the layout. Hmm... If I hadn't used "set track" points at the top of the traverser I could just raise the whole thing. However, the solution was pretty simple - a (temporary) strip of plasticard of the right depth, to lift the track very slightly.     I already have s

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

Tool tip Tuesday - ceramic tipped tweezers

Tool tip Tuesday, well it is Tuesday and I was thinking of doing one of these now and again. Nothing new here, just stuff I’ve picked up along the way and found useful.   I bought a pack of half a dozen of these off eBay for not much money, and they are surprisingly good. You might think, as I did, that the tips look chunky, but they go to a good fine point, and being ceramic and a bit chunky, they tend to warp less, so less parts ping away into orbit somewhere. As an aside, I think th


John57sharp in Tools


Constructed and test ran a new traverser today.     The parts I used were the top and base section of a bookcase (the main baseboard is made from the side panels.) The traverser base is wall mounted with reinforced brackets, the deck is fitted with heavy duty drawer runners.    *EDIT - 8/2/21: Magnetic connector snapped at weld, see posts for 8/2/21 and 9/2/1 for details on repair and improvements!   Power is supplied from a connection block wired fr

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

A few weeks of reworking

Well a few weeks have passed since my last blog post.    Since then I payed a bit of track, decided I didn’t like the way the track felt on the boards, went back to the drawing board and have now drawn a design I am much happier with.    The remodel has included the addition of a removable section of track that makes it a continuous layout, a new station design with EMU shed attached, on the other side of the layout there is then a small branch line terminus/through station with a

An industrial building (5)

The smaller gate at the right-hand side was added using 1mm greyboard covered in Scalescenes TX35 plain clapboard, coloured with Promarkers.         The main gates, which were to be fixed in the open position to allow train to pass through, were made in the same way.         The hinges were made by attaching strips of Evergreen plastic to small pieces of plastic rod.  The ends were rounded.  All of the hinges were fixed to a piece of

An industrial building (4)

The ends of the building were prepared next.  Only one was covered in brickpaper as this would have been the end of the building facing the front of the layout.  The plain end was to face the backscene and I am a great believer in only modelling that which will be seen.     The bricked end wall had the stone added at the bottom, and was been fitted in place at the end of the building, after being sprayed with matt varnish...         A false flo

Barney - footplate and boiler/firebox

These photos show you the progress so far on the loco body. The footplate is made of two layers for strength, both etched: a top layer of 0.25mm nickel silver and a bottom layer of 0.4mm phosphor-bronze. To enable fitting of the buffer beams and side valances, the p/b layer is smaller, and the underside of the n/s layer has a half-etched rebate around the outside.     In this next photo you see the main etched parts fitted above the footplate, comprising the cab, smokebox fr


antyeates1983 in barney

Why Do Old People Moan So Much ?

I'm talking about Moaning and not Groaning, the latter always arrives with age and most noticeable when having to return to standing after sitting down for a while. I think we moan more than younger people because we've been around a long time and seen things done better. When you're young it's easier to accept crap as you don't know better. Please discuss and comment on any supplementary reasons.   Decals, transfers ? be more specific Waterslide Transfers. The use of Am


Dad-1 in Blog Entry

Take 2 GWR Metros

As is my wont, I am batch building again, this time two GWR Metros (amongst other things).  Another blast from the past:  back in the day, M&L Leisure sold a discounted pack of 2 kits a couple of which I acquired.  The 633 kit in the header photo became surplus to requirements but it has donated some of its contents to this (re)build of a Wills Metro - mainly the bunker - hence its inclusion in the header.  The 850 is in the roundtoit pile   These are the etches for the Rod Neep ki


Brassey in GWR Engines

Caledonian railway telegraph poles , part 2

Making all the poles and fitting sockets for them has kept me going for a few weeks. Chilly weather and bad light slow it all down a bit.   The poles are 3mm dia dowel sanded to about 2 mm dia at the top. I doubt I could drill a 3mm hole through the baseboard square enough to make the poles stand upright so I made some sockets from spare brass tube, 25 mm long with bits of wire soldered on. The bit across the bottom acts a stop but still lets any debris fall through.  

Dave John

Dave John in General

Third Rail Cabling

Added a few bits of wire to represent the cabling that connects sections of third rail.  I've no idea how prototypical it is, but it looks ok.  Reference was from photos I took of actual track, or memory and from online images. I used the wire from inside sandwich bag ties, curved into visually pleasing arrangements then primed white and later dry brushed black and white.  They are held in place with tiny beads of superglue.  

Ray Von

Ray Von in Third Rail

Mark 3 Wheels

One of the projects I have ongoing at the moment is establishing my Intercity 125 fleet. With the real-life mark 3s having an electric train supply that is incompatible with normal locos, I don't need mine to be compatible with the rest of my models. I therefore hope to change the couplings one day, which will reduce the gap between coaches created by the annoying tension locks. Before that though, I needed to decide whether I could mix Hornby and Lima/Limby mark 3s without the rake looking inco

The Tailor of Gloucester. Part Two. Ivatt 2MT 2-6-0 46526 of Gloucester 85B Barnwood Shed. Detailing a Bachmann Model.

Eventually I've completed my take on Gloucester 85B resident 46526 using the excellent Bachmann model as a starting point.      The DMR chimney has bedded in nicely on the smokebox. Pacific Models provided the source of the  smokebox door number plate. A Fox Transfers 85B shed code plate transfer was applied as well.      Usual weathering techniques using Tamiya NATO Black/Brown airbrushed for frame dirt. A dusting of NATO black was used on the boiler


46444 in Models

No excuss now - some timber has arrived

Yesterday  Plywood for the sleepers arrived all 4000 of them for plain track, plus strips for turnouts. My God, this now looks a daunting task to lay all those sleepers!     Then this morning I got a knock on the door and found the arrival of the baseboard timber.     As travelling to the nearest decent Timber Merchant would probably be against the current Covid rules I settled on ordering the plywood online. Initially I thought about using a supplier of


Yan in Baseboards

An industrial building (3)

The next stage was to fix a false floor in 2mm greyboard to give some stability to the main building:       A strip of 2mm greyboard was covered in Scalescenes TX21 Pavement to form the footway beneath the main arch...         This was glued into place and a small step added under the pedestrian arch.  Again, this was a small strip of 2mm greyboard covered in the Scalescenes TX42 Concrete, to match the other surrounding stonework...  

ReZEL Type C 1

If you've not seen any news, 'lockdown' in the US has been a joke.   Seeing the punchline, I've maintained spending time with a friend of mine.   We watch anime, play video games, and build Gunpla.   It's fun!  Also, I'm 30.   Make your judgements.   I like to have a kit for building at my friend's house.   I finished that last such kit on Sunday;   I broadly need to improve my photography.   This was a Bandai Master Grade 1/100 Gunner ZAKU Warrior Lunamaria Hawke.   Ki


AlfaZagato in Kitbuilding

An industrial building (2)

The main gateway has a rather ornate arch which I fashioned from styrene.   These days I would probably make more of an effort to construct any embellishments from card.   However, when constructing this model, I was still trying to escape the styrene and solvent habit.  Here it is before painting:         The cornice under the roof over the main arch was also made.  A short length of 20x60 thou Evergreen strip was cemented on edge to a sheet of 10 thou styrene.  S
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