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Korean Model Railroading - The beginning

While I usually model British trains in N scale, I decided that it would be a good idea if I modelled some rolling stock from my home country, Korea(South), as well.   Sadly, Korea does not have a proper railway model range (yet), since it is hard to get permission to license these models, and all of the designs of Korean rolling stock from 1899 to current day is all copyrighted. However, progress is being made, as many people started 3d modelling and printing their own models(not for


BrakeCoach in KTX-1

Third Board Painted

The third board (the first of the fiddleyard throat boards) now painted. I've included a series of images as the painting progressed for this posting to see the 'effect' in action, so to speak. I won't bother with the later boards as it's just outright repetition really.   First white undercoat, brush painted, underside:   Second white undercoat, brush painted, underside:   Topside, ply delamination repaired and abuttment screw dips filled (with wood fil

Ian J.

Ian J. in General

3D-Printed Horses

After reading some recent posts about horse drawn wagons and the like, I started to wonder if it would be possible to 3D-print my own horses.   A look at the 'Cults' website yielded a 3D-printable horse  by David Mussaffi, described as ‘FDM printer ready’, so I thought that this would be a good place to start.  I looked at the file after loading it into my ‘Cura’ slicing software and found that the model was cleverly split into three parts, such that there were flat surfaces to lie on


MikeOxon in general

kit or scratch

I built the 7mm loco about 20 years ago ad the Patterns I made for the pantograph milling machine are at a 2:1 ration for 7mm which means if I alter the machine ration to 3.5:1 they will work out at 4mm scale.      

11-ton Hibberd 4wDM

This Dorman-engined Hibberd is believed to have originally been built in 1956 for a cement works in Kent. It was sold to a contractor in 1964 and was used on various tracklifting contracts around the country in the wake of Beeching's closures of unprofitable lines. It was seen in the Camden yard of Alfie Solomons Ltd. in 1967 and by 1974 had turned up at Strong's yard, in Small Heath.   It doesn't appear ro have been very popular with the drivers and spent a lot of time at the end of t


Ruston in A

Bricklayers Arms stables update

Well, not being a massive footie fan I decided to amuse myself yesterday evening fitting the cattle yard office and back wall to the baseboard in front of the stables. This has created a more Dickensian alley feel to the forecourt which is what I had hoped would happen. There is still much to do in terms of fitting the cattle docks, weathering the surfaces, adding muck and the assorted figures and of course, cattle.   There are a few final touches, the steps to the office are too clean

Facebook shocker

I know Facebook is about as popular round here as a Garry Glitter-Rolf Harris comeback tour, but it has just reminded me of this little item I posted a while back: "Question for the sparkies out there: I am right in thinking you can't use eco-lighting with dimmer switches? Only I've got this mad idea for the new model railway shed of having three dimmer-controlled lights, orange at each end of the shed and a daylight bulb in the middle, to "mix" to create sunrise to sunset lighting "ambienc

No. 166 A tale of two Hornby Super Detail ‘Britannias’, plus a Clan (Postscript)

This Post brings a closure to my last two Posts.  Those of you who have read my accounts of rebadging a Hornby Clan and Britannia will know that there was some unfinished business.  Hornby ‘Britannia’ alias ‘Morning Star’ still needed cut outs around its lubricators.  Hornby ‘Clan McLeod’ alias ‘Clan Stewart’ needed its top lamp iron repositioning.     A reminder, as received TMC Morning Star alias Hornby Britannia R2562     Completed – my 1959 version o

Shiney Shiney etchy things

Over the last month PPD have been kept busy with a couple of projects. I've been helping my friends at Brassmasters with a potential EasiChas project.   As I mentioned a couple of months back the cab windows provided for the J17 in the PDK kit I'm building didn't seem to match the GERS drawing very well. I received the replacement etches from PPD and will see how they go together over the next week or so.     The second project has been considerably more complex.

Hit the buffers.

Hello all! Hope you are all keeping well.    As usual, it has been a while since last posting on here. The recurring theme has always been losing interest in the hobby followed by regaining it for a short while, I guess it applies to all hobbies.    I've hit the buffers well and truly this time due to personal circumstances. My marriage fell apart last November and the situation got really out of hand to the point where the ex got me arrested under false allegations, I was fo

Ruston 48DS No.1

This Ruston & Hornsby 48DS was supplied new to the Midland Widget Works, in 1949. The works closed in 1973 and the contract to demolish and dispose of all scrap metal on site went to Charlie Strong. The loco was found to be in excellent mechanical condition and was taken to Garrison Lane to join No.2 in shunting the yard.   It was last recorded by the IRS as being seen in 1980. Presumed scrapped or sold thereafter.


Ruston in A

CR Grampian corridor stock , part 4, bodies.

A blog in several parts, due to photo size.   The kit is designed so that the body folds up from the floor in two halves jointed at the floor centreline, with quite large gaps to be filled with card. The corridor wall is then soldered in. I thought about this and decided it worried me. The sides fold inwards about 5 mm at cantrail height narrowing the aperture to get in and do the interior. I made coaches this way in the past and it was a real hassle getting in to add details and glaze

Weathering, take 2

You wait months and two blog entries come together... Having experimented successfully yesterday with neat paint pigment powder as a trackbed weathering medium, today I turned my attention back to the rolling stock, to test a possible source of significantly cheaper pigment: Ladies eyeshadow.   Yes ladies, your eyeshadow will now be under threat from the modeller in your life. My brother, an expert sci-fi modeller, suggested this hack, so I bought a pack of 6 Goth-like shades


Not managed many photos of weathering I have done recently .. Duchesses and Princesses have been weathered as well as more wagons and locos...   But today with the temperature at a reasonable level I took some recent weathering work outside to get some photos.  One item is for my own use the other two are fr use on Wentworth Junction..   Starting with two Hornby English Electric 350hp shunters. Mine is teh Western Region one.     There are some nice colou


It's been a bit quiet on the blog, but not on Wednesford.  I've turned my attention to weathering,  I had a go at weathering some rolling stock with Tamiya weathering pigments, which my brother had pointed me in the direction of.  I've really enjoyed weathering using these powders, although my brother has pointed out that ladies face paint is a similar pigment but can be bought at a fraction of the price.  It seems that rust, road dirt, toilet effluvia and brake block dust are this year's eye sh

A tale of two Hornby Super Detail ‘Britannias’, plus a Clan (Part 2)

This Post is a continuation of my recent foray into Hornby Super Detail Britannias https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/25039-a-tale-of-two-Hornby-super-detail-‘britannias’-plus-a-clan-part-1/.   Back in 2014 Hornby sold off a lot of Diamond Jubilee boxed sets.  These included 70000 Britannia in ‘Special Duties’ livery.  This was Britannia’s preserved livery as featured in 2012 when Prince Charles was a passenger and included an Early Emblem and the original ‘danger

A tale of two Hornby Super Detail ‘Britannias’, plus a Clan (Part 1)

I have a fascination for Hornby’s super detail Britannia and Clan models.  This Post looks at some variations that Hornby have not produced.   Firstly I am also rather partial to things ‘Great Western’.  When I spotted Hornby super detail Morning Star rebadged by The Model Centre (TMC) I would make a bid for it.  It was a big bid and Morning Star duly arrived.     Morning Star   I am generally not bothered about details such as counting the number of rive

S&D coaches - paint and lining.

After the full brake I showed in the last entry, I cracked on with a second vehicle from the same range of kits, while the build sequence was fresh in my mind. I think it's a composite!   I haven't progressed this second one completely as I'm still puzzling over the roof details, and might want to revisit the first one in the light of better understanding. The kits come with four different types of castings representing the set-up for day and night running, but the instructions ar

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

We have made contact...

Spent Sunday afternoon working on test rig with the aim to get the CBUS electronic modules talking to the computer.    I wired everything up and the power was working but for some reason none of the modules were going into the correct mode on the data bus. After quite a bit of pondering I decided that the cause could be one of three things. The software, the hardware or the wiring. Luckily I had made a gizmo to test the modules and this found nothing wrong with them. The computer was f


MattB in General

kyle - 7mm - update

Evening all,   Just an update on the project as much thinking has been done of late - purchasing too…more on that later.   A couple of firm decisions have been made with regard to track plan and boards.   Firstly I have decided to model the other side of the station to my 2mmFS version as per the photo on the previous entry. A few reasons really, in that it will make a change to have a different viewpoint, there’s a slightly different track layout plus it’s not the


bcnPete in General

Ruston 48DS No.2

According to the Industrial Railway Society's records, this diminutive Ruston 48DS arrived at the yard in 1966. It is thought to have been supplied new to the Ministry Of Supply, in 1942. Where it worked during the war is unknown, but it was first noted at an engineering works, near Bromsgrove, in 1959.   It was last noted by IRS members parked at the very rear of the shed at Garrison Lane, presumed scrapped or sold by 1979.  


Ruston in A

Carriage Roofing

Hello all, another small update on the third coach in the GWR Pre-big four “hand me down” rake.   having successfully brought the carriage height down by 3mm, and the roof pitch down by another 3mm ish, I decided to have a crack at a new roof for the 4- wheeler. It began as the above, part of a triang clerestory roof, which I split into its three sections, filing down where necessary. I had based the new roof pitch off the shape of this, so no additional filing was needed to
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