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Modelling as a Metaphor ... or Inside a BR Ventilated Van

Sometimes a simple, experience can assist in the clarification of thoughts and ideas.  While on a recent visit to the northern edge of the Forest of Dean, I came across one of those fine examples of ‘Reuse’ (and indeed ‘Reversion’).  The capital ‘Rs’ are a reflection of those increasingly important ‘R’ words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle*.  I made an unexpected discovery: the remains of a B.R. plywood van.     After a ridiculously short working lives, many of the B.R. fleet of

Exeter Garden Railway Show

Several weeks ago I attended the Exeter Garden Railway Show with a demonstration table, trying to spread the arts of scratch building and low impact modelling in 16mmNG fraternity.   The purpose of my display was to produce a cardboard mock-up of a loco body that would eventually be made mostly from scrap and recycled materials, the main source being the high quality tinplate found in Golden Syrup tins. "Out of the strong came forth sweetness."     Whether the resulting card body is "swe

Maurice Hopper

Maurice Hopper


An interesting video

I was looking for something else and came across this....   "Do I really need to watch a video of steam in Northern Ireland?"   "Well why not?"   "It would be interesting to see the German's mean by romantic steam!!"   It is well above average photography and suddenly gets very interesting (at 3 mins 50 secs) ... that's if you are thinking about modelling inside valve gear.   I did not watch any more but intend to get some stills of various points in the cycle.   This chance discover

Maurice Hopper

Maurice Hopper

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