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Delph based P4 layout & workbench

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Rebuilt Royal Scot, 46109 - Pt2

Since the previous post, the brake gear, under cab pipework and the basic footplate have been assembled and temporarily assembled, as shown in the last photo. This is the current state of play. Pipework underneath the cab - complete except the injector overflows.       Chassis and footplate assembled.     Dave.

Dave Holt

Dave Holt in 4 mm, P4

Rebuilt Royal Scot, 46109

Previously posted as a future project, this has turned into the current project. Quite a bit of progress has been made with the chassis which now has the wheel sets in. Still rather a lot to do, but it is coming along. Here are some views of the frames with the wheel sets, including the inside crank.       Dave.

Dave Holt

Dave Holt in 4 mm, P4

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