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modelling 4mm to 1ft

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Ratio SR/BR 28 ton Bogie 'B' van (THE RETURN!)

This is a follow up thread to my original post on the construction of a Ratio Bogie 'B' van. The original can be found here:  After a brief hiatus in modelling activity I have returned to this project. We left off with me having solved the ride height problem. Next came the fiddly etches.      There are separate etches for every door hinge. The added value they bring is not that obvious and a moulding integral to the side would have probably given superior results. How




Ratio SR/BR 28 ton Bogie 'B' van

So i have come to realise i have a growing obsession with parcels vehicles.  I have also been stretching my kit building muscles recently so thought i would combine the two and build the ratio kit of tge SR bogie B.    Here it is in it's unboxed state.    I have also just poured a wheat beer so progress of any kind is not guaranteed this evening.    Happy modelling for now.    

Hobbycraft stones used as 4mm coal

Hi Folks,   I thought I would share the results of a chance find in Hobbycraft, Basildon the other day. I was in for some bits and bobs for my daughter when I noticed a load of jars filled with decorative stones. As I was mentally scoffing at what I thought was a rather tacky interior design accessory I noticed this...   The jar doesn't have any detail about what the material is but thought i'd take a punt as it looked very much like 4mm coal.  The jar is about the size

Take a brake...

Hi folks,   I am nearing the completion of a little project I have been working on. This is a Dapol BR 20t brake van I have tweaked and finished as an air piped example from the 1970's.   The kit is a real favourite as it is very simple to build, captures the essence of the prototype and is very very cheap!!! Tweaks include the removal of handrail mouldings and replacement with brass wire, a scratch built roof, new inner doors, removal and replacement of lamp irons and addition of air brake



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