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World's End Quay....a 1:32 scale micro empire

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WORLD'S END QUAY....Another loco

Attached are some shots of the third Manning Wardle loco for the layout. It was started as a demonstration piece on my table at the recent Warley show.....some small details and the brakes are still to be fitted as are the Slaters wheels (as shown) and motor etc. , once this has been done then it's off to the paint shop . As can be seen it's the open cab version of the loco popular with the Victorian contractors .....a tough lot !

Crewe North

Crewe North

World's End Quay

I've been beavering away for the past year or so building a 1:32 (Gauge 1) layout for our annual October event at Shepshed,Leics.. which was held last Saturday. The general idea was to see what could be done on a 7ft 6 ins x 2ft baseboard in G1 similar to my previous O gauge layout 'Alexandra Yard' though that was 6ft x 1ft 10ins. Anyhow the attached photos show what has been achieved so far, the layout being far from finished as there is a LOT of small detail yet to be added. The theme is a sma

Crewe North

Crewe North

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