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16mm photo-plank - Completed blower and had buckets of fun

I printed out the parts for my forge blower. There was some spare space on the build platform so I printed a few extra tools at the same time. I deliberately put the parts on twice and in a couple of different orientations to see which came out best. Splitting the blower into two halves allowed the bottom sides to be sanded and form the join.   You can just make out the Alcoso No4 text on the parts and, while you can't read the text, the builder's plate has some relief on it which mak

Fen End Pit

Fen End Pit in 16mm photo-plank

16mm photo-plank - Every forge needs a blower

So I got the forge painted, like the original it is very black and difficult to photograph! If it was anything other than a forge I might have been tempted to pick out the lettering in paint but in reality it would never have been.   I did a quick google search for 'vintage belt drive forge blower UK' and found someone selling two on Ebay. I liked the note that said postage was not an option given the weight. Still they helpfully supplied a number of photographs and the key dimen

16mm photo-plank - forging a forge

I had modeled the forge up as 8 separate parts to allow me to position them on the Anycubic Photon to get the quickest prints. The resulting jobs filled the print bed twice and at a .04mm layer height it took about 5 hours to print out the parts. The results weren't too bad, there was a bit of warping on the largest part (the main base of the forge) but it was fairly easy to conceal as the worse bits are under the base and not visible.   The top came out very nicely and I don't think

16mm photo-plank - plans for a forge

In my previous posting I had found this picture of a rather nice cast forge.     Some more digging on the internet and I found some references to Keith - Blackman Ltd of Farringdon Avenue London, manufacturers of smith's hearths and forge blowers - purveyors  of complete installations for the smithy. I thought I'd try to model up something suitable for my workshop.     I've broken it down into a number of pieces so i can try and print the individual part

16mm photo-plank - more workbench details

I made some progress on the workbench today. I 3D printed a range of bolt heads to add to the timber to hold it all together. I just drilled tiny .7mm holes and stuck them in place. Good(ish) weather meant for a nice afternoon walk and I was able to find a bit of twig which I used to make a log on which to mount the anvil.     I've continued to make more tools for the bench, the range of difference size files and tongs is increasing nicely. From my pictures of old forges it

16mm photo-plank - a new workbench

Everyone needs a workbench, my real one is generally cluttered with a PC, cutting mat, soldering iron and more tins of adhesive and paint than is good for your health. My 16mm workshop needs a workbench so I purchased some timber from Ely's wonderful City Cycles and went searching on the internet for images of 'vintage workbench UK'   I am quite pleased with the result which looks pretty good to me covered in tools.     I think I'm probably going to 3d p

16mm photo-plank - plans progress and tools get made

Thanks for all the comments and ideas on this project both on and off this forum. I'm getting the ideas to jell now, trying to balance all the features I want with practical considerations such as size and construction effort.   I was originally considering something which would give me a couple of options, on the left we had the inside of the shed/workshop and then on the right we had the outside of the building with the gable end. This idea would be about 3' x ~1'6". The Thelkeld she

16mm project plans - need advice and inspiration

So I've been thinking about a little 16mm project to keep up my narrow gauge interest while I can't take Fen End Pit out. I don't mean to distract too much from the construction of Clare but just have something extra to work on when I fancy a change.   One of my favourite places to visit is the Thelkeld Quarry Museum and I have long thought that the engine shed is full of modelling potential but I've not been sure how I could use its inspiration.     What I have be
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