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Massive Baseboard advance part 2

A minor update since the last entry and a track plan of sorts as promised.  The extra length I have allows the station throat to be stretched over 5 or 6 feet as opposed to being cramped within three feet as before - much smoother curves and hopefully a better alignment and running   First a photo update showing more flexi track laid along the curve:     And now a drawing of the projected layout of the main lines. I'm hopeful of adding a small goods yard off the si


pbkloss in Baseboard

Massive baseboard advance part 1

Having a couple of years with bits and pieces from my previous house assembled as a 'testing plank' pretending to be a layout I have decided at long last to attempt to bridge the gap from one side of my converted garage to the other to make something approaching a real layout - one where you go from one bit to another (!) in this case from the station on one side to the storage sidings on the other.  Having bought a quantity of 12mm ply as tops for some new baseboards, and 18x44mm timber for the


pbkloss in Baseboard

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