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About this blog

This blog about a fictitious BR(WR) Engine shed in Cornwall based on what might have been if the proposed lines to St. Just and Lands End were built.

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Rospeath Lane - More planning

Another updated plan, I’ve now reached v15! Too much pondering and not enough physical modelling you may think. "The Devil is in the detail” and I may be overthinking some aspects of this plan. In the end I hope I will have thought of most of the gremlins that might creep into this project. In looking at the previous plan, I started to contemplate the proposed signal box diagram and the comments made. This brought me around to asking what happens beyond the bridge (scenic break) on the


Yan in Planning

Rospeath Lane - The planning stage

I hope you are you sitting comfortably? I suggest with a coffee and couple of biscuits to hand, or whatever tipple and nibbles this hour of day dictates. This is a long entry and you may need sustenance to keep you awake.   I’ve been planning an Engine Shed project for some time now. Unfortunately I’ve had to revise it due to the reduced space in my ‘Man Cave’. Initially I had 16 feet in length to play with but a decision earlier in the year meant I now only 11ft. My idea is to create


Yan in Planning

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