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Garsdale Junction

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Garsdale Railway Workers Cottages

These will certainly be a challenge! When I used the AnyRail program as a guide to get an idea of all the buildings positions and their sizes on the layout, I also drew out a section through view of them on a spare piece of 3.0mm thick MDF to get their relationship to the baseboard’s structure i.e. support joists and risers. My reasoning at the time (2015) was that because the Dandy Mire Viaduct needed the diorama depth to accommodate it and I intended to have a lower return tracks/fiddle yard b

Southern Fabricator

Southern Fabricator

The Long Drag to Garsdale - Garsdale Signal Box Pt2

After the initial assembly of the box, it was obvious to me that from the operator/visitor view point that the interior would need to be furnished. The current lever and frame at the box is 33 levers in a forty frame, and I believe the Northallerton line through Hawes in Wensleydale will be achievable one day. Therefore on my layout of Garsdale Junction this is reflected and gives me more operational value.   I came across Steve Hewitt’s fine Semaphore signal work here on RM Web (before I join

Southern Fabricator

Southern Fabricator

The Long Drag To Garsdale - Garsdale Signal Box pt1

At the start of this blog I posted some of the pictures of my version of the Midland type 4c signal box that took some time to construct. The first problem for me was to check and recheck the window height (as it didn’t look right) against the prototype pictures and a pic of ‘Signalman Owen’ standing in the signal box entrance. The building dimensions also gave me a length to width problem. I scaled my width at 55mm then after a few days of deliberation arrived at a length of 125mm less the acce

Building Garsdale Junction

The Restroom   Just finished off both the waiting rooms glazing details, as far as I can go at the moment. May need to come back to those later on. Getting to the second structure on the Garsdale/Hawes platform that should have been an easy build but for one thing, I made the top window lintels the same as the Waiting Rooms. This was an oversight, as I didn’t check my original drawing against a photo of the prototype that shows a squared lintel instead of the rounded top corners.   So after

Garsdale Junction Building the Station

Carlisle Waiting Room has progressed along to the point of detailing the window frames. Of course I apply the 3 feet viewing rule at the moment. Hopefully as I up skill it may get shorter!   Now for the Leeds Up line Waiting Room. As this is my second attempt to model these buildings you will probably notice that the quoins detail has been scribed on rather than using a card quoin glued to the foam board. This was because the quoins appear to be flush with the stonework, not proud. Also I cha

The Long Drag to Garsdale

Well as you can see I'm still getting my head around this Blog thing. I Just used the Edit button to continue instead of this. As you can see by the photos they show up my warts and all efforts on the Carlisle Waiting Room. The last pic shows my attempt of Yorkshire Stone colouring using acrylic paints, with the Up Line Leeds Waiting Room in the background. Presently I'm tackling the window details of both buildings. The 3.0mm foam board has been scribed using a 0.5mm HB propelling pencil after

The Long Drag to Garsdale

Well hello to my first attempt to post my scratch built Version of Garsdale Junction Station and its associated buildings. I have been inspired by the many RM Web contributors and offer an insight into my 3.0mm foam board efforts. From this To this   It has taken me a while to regain some of the skills in modelling that I had when I was 16 or so, but now old age only affects one's physical abilities to accomplish what seems a challenge to model in OO Scale. I had started planning for this pro
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