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Kit Building, RTR Mods, and RTR Detailing of GWR Stock

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Carriage Shop Duties - Part 2

Just six weeks shy off three years since my last blog update, and hasn't the world changed since...   The fairly new Hornby GWR Collett subs are very nice coaches indeed, and whilst they might only have gravitated toward the London and Birmingham Divisions, they are an essential non-corridor RTR coach to 21st century standards. Rule 1 dictates that a four coach 'set' may well have been seconded elsewhere on the GWR network during their lifetimes; a circumstance perhaps more likely in t

Carriage Shop Duties - Part 1

After making a modest start over the Bank Holiday weekend with some Hornby Colletts and repainting their roofs, I cracked on with this yesterday in the glorious Indian Summer sunshine on the first Saturday in September; ideal spraying conditions! Unfortunately, there is no progress to report with the completion of my Ian Kirk GWR P17 Ballast Wagon build, as I am weighing up whether to brush-paint it GWR freight grey, or rig the airbrush up for the first ever time.... we shall see!   Having bo

County of Yorkshire

County of Yorkshire

GWR P17 Ballast Wagon - Kit Build Part 1

New ground in more ways than one! My first blog post, my first 4mm wagon kit build, my first time using a spray can... I have felt it high time to really crack on with my stash of kits, and with my modelling projects more generally. I am a big believer in easing oneself in, using the path of least resistance to get underway, and so what was I to choose?   - Re livery of my three Hornby GWR Kings from shirtbutton to G-Crest-W? - Complete the transformation of my cheapo Hornby Railroad Olton Ha

County of Yorkshire

County of Yorkshire

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