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Mile End Park 


Set 1935 - 1939 


Mile End Park is a fictitious layout based between London Liverpool St Station and Stratford, the aim of the GER was to have a line which would run out of Bethnal Green to Homerton, taking traffic out of Stratford allowing trains to run further onto the other London Suburban routes. However, the GER began building the route and work stopped as the GER became the LNER in 1923. So the money and the idea dried up, as the station became a small terminus, with an Island platform and good's sidings. 


The layout depicts a miserable day on a normal day to day of the working London Suburban route. The aim of the layout is to present how the LNER operated the 'Jazz Service' on a basic terminus station, demonstrating a close representation of the famous incentive service with a variety (ex)GER, LNER locomotives, and Rolling Stock.



Entries in this blog

Mile End Park Project - And now for something completely different

Mile End Park Project - And now for something completely different

Since the last update, major changes have occurred within the club and how this layout could/will be built, much like the LNER and latterly British Railways, the W&RMRC has gone under a  massive rationalization scheme, as club members are now building 1 Exhibition layout each which reduces the amount of layouts to 4. Those being:     Wiveton - M&GN 1949  Corpusty & Saxthorpe - M&GN 1920's  Cromer Esplanade - M&GN 1950's  Mile End Park - LNER
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