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About this blog

With ready to run locomotive now being produced, there are always going to be little mistakes which need a modeller to improve, this series of little blogs are about the locomotives which are designed for my layout of Norton Wood, all of which are LNER Locomotives from the Great Eastern Railway. This is not serious modelling nor is it sophisticated but it is modelling and modifying locomotives to suit are therefore better.


The aim's of this blog will be to describe how I carry out my modifications on locomotives - 


In the Workshop 

Hornby - R3414 - LNER J15 5444 - Altered to carry a GER Stove Pipe Chimney and Renumbered to 7554

Oxford Rail - OR76N7002 - LNER N7 8011 - Altered to have various paint applications applied - Renumbered to 7993

Hornby - R3230 - LNER J15 7524 - Already Altered to 7564 - This will be re-altered to carry a GER Set of Safety Valves and renumbered to 7847


Future Projects 

LNER N7 (Round Top) - 2623 - With all appropriate paint applications applied 

LNER B12 - 8580

LNER E4 - 7489 with GER Safety Valves 

LNER E4 - 7427 with GER E4 Stove Pipe Chimney
LNER J67- 7355 - GER Square type Safety Valves - Weathered 
LNER J69 - 7357 - GER Stove Pipe & GER Square type Safety valves - Varnished 



Entries in this blog


Oxford Rail N7 Modifications

With Oxford Rail having announced they would produce 3 N7 variants I was like many very happy, as the N7 filled another hole in the GE/LNER modellers world. As these engines would be responsible for suburban services in and around London they also ventured around the former GE Suburban workings replacing many older suburban locomotive types the F5's spring to mind and later on they also were tasked with working some Kings Cross Suburban workings.    So with the LNER N7 finally in my po

LNER J15 Upgrade

Hi all,   So as many people have posted on RM web or other blogging sites, about there upgrading of the Hornby J15. Now I'm not upgrading the handrails or cab in any way, following in the footsteps of 'The British Railway Series' Blog. I have put on my man trousers and begun and finished changing the J15's as modeled LNER (NER) Teapot chimney to the GER Stovepipe Chimney, this will then be painted, weathered & renumbered.   Anyway, down to business.   To start o

Norton Wood

Norton Wood

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