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A future project involving lots of planning, trying, failing, tanks and the wrong rolling stock entirely...

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Castle Rock O gauge track plan

I have created a cardboard cutout of the track plan to scale (hopefully). The scenic section isn’t too big as it only measures 4ft long and 1ft 6in wide. The representation of the track in the image below actually measures the edges of the sleepers and not the rails.  The layout is made of two parts, the scenic area and the sector plate. The sector plate is supposed to be removable for easy transport and also because the layout will spend it’s days at the end of my bed, therefore the sector




Mermaid Cove (Dawlish sea wall)

((I put this into a blog because the ‘topic’ section says no))   An update on Mermaid Cove (built by Steve Fay).   So far: nothing has really changed from its original state.   The plan is to attach cassettes to each end of the scenic section which ultimately will mean that trains can move from one end to the other. It is currently in storage in my grandfather’s friend’s shed and I hope to help in bringing the layout into exhibition operation.    I wi




A Tank Engine called Bucket

One of my projects is a cartoon series about an Austerity 0-6-0st, with a very bad temper, who works at the National Coal Board after being denied by the War Department. His name is Bucket and for two reasons: 1: His locomotive class were nicknamed “Buckets” by their shape and 2: his dome was replaced with a literal bucket after it was knocked off in a mining accident. The mine that he works in is fictional but it’s meant to be based off of one in the Midlands region. The story follows Bucket du

Riverside Locomotive Works

The Riverside Loco Works was an idea I came up with for a video game where locomotives from preservation are serviced  as fast as they would have in the steam era. (I watched a 30s film where an LMS loco was under general repair and was out in under two weeks!) This idea has now been incorporated into the Castle Rock project as the sheds that the railway heritage society and the colliery society share for repairs to their stock.   I’ve created a plan to build a small part of this loco

Castle Rock (the setting)

(There will be some changes at a later date. I’ve written the whole thing down but I can’t remember where I put it. So until I find it, here’s the basic story)   Castle Rock colliery sits in the middle of a fictional town called Castle Rock. The town has this name because when the colliery was first built it was called “Castle Rock Colliery”, since there was a huge castle in the middle of the town on a rocky hill which gives the name Castle Rock. When more and more people moved to the

The Castle Rock Colliery project

This will be my first fully functioning layout. However, it is in O gauge which is probably an unexpected scale to go with given that I have no proper experience in modelling further than Warhammer 40K models. It is most certainly a project that will take a long while to complete but hopefully I will get it up and running for a GCR model event or similar in the future. For now my O gauge collection consists of a Southern region E4 radial tank engine in BR livery with push-pull fittings, two Sout
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