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Weathering Cows Too

More on weathering cows. The cows were weathered using Modelmates Mud Brown weathering liquid. It is very easy to use. It is water soluble but dries like ink. To weather the cows I just painted it on and then let it down with a wet brush until I had the colouring I wanted. The cattle dock is weathered using the pastels method.  Perhaps I need more cows in there?


goldngreen in Cattle Dock

Weathering Cows

It is not every day that when I am asked what I have been doing that I am able to answer "weathering cows". I had that opportunity today so I grabbed it with both hands.    My original plan included the possibility of a cattle dock. The time has come. The cattle dock is going in the original planned location at the back to the right.    I want to make most of the features on the layout either scratch built, or made from less familiar kits, in the hope that it will look a litt


goldngreen in Cattle Dock

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