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OO DCC South Wales in the 1960s.

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Module 2 - Gwynraven Station & Village

Gwynraven platform sits in the cutting made by the railway as it bisects the village.  The road is carried over the railway on a scratch built girder bridge. The Footbridge to the platform is a Dapol kit( free on Facebook ads (I know right!), bashed about to suit the location. It is removable so I can access the signal mechanism that is yet to be installed.    This weekend platform fitting and finishing off the girder bridge see the end of the work at this end of the layout.  

Module 4 - the station throat at Pontylanod and the Bevan Brothers Factory

This evening,whilst pottering in the shed, I spent a few moments mocking up the next board after the viaduct.  From the viaduct, the railway will be at the approach of the station of Pontylanod.  The 2ndRadius curves will be on view here leaving a big space (well comparatively, by my standards...) so what do I fill it with?   Well, this is South Wales so a factory/forge/foundry of course.... these buildings were are recycled from my old layout.They will have to be in a different order

Module 1 - The Board that started it all..... South Wales Colliery

So,I thought I'd share the first board/module I created.  It is the one where the recovered colliery model was recovered from the previous 3 in carnations of Gwynraven. It did have an extensive rebuild this time though.  The plan was to make a shunting plank the layout that would better suit the enforced house moves every few years but I just couldn't resist modelling a Western Region element too.     So now the Colliery sits above the Western Region Branch, hardly prototypical but I n

Phase 2 - Bridging the gap.....or across the shed door. A South Wales Viaduct.

This was supposed to be a mock up so I could work out how the railway was going to cross the shed door  to form the circular layout I wanted.  Then the mock up worked so well, I just got stuck in!   I was determined to have a Walnut Tree style viaduct, all girders and spindly, with the valley far below.  The valley you see here is only 20 cm below the bridge deck simply because when I made the valley deeper, the valley sides would have exceeded 45 degrees and it just looked wrong!   I

Gwynraven Colliery & Station - Mark IV - Or "an exercise in recycling"

Hi Everyone,   It's been a decade since Gwynraven & Cwm Lanod was completed (See video in link below my signature) and I have had two further, sadly abortive attempts at rekindling the layout. Each of those was scuppered by a house move.  So here I am on attempt Four!    Six new base boards have been built but they are only 12 inches across.  When assembled, they have a length of 7 1/2 foot and a width of 5 1/2 foot so that they fit into my garden shed.  Two boards have b


Gwynraven in Layout Blog

Fireless Loco for a private siding.

Hi,   This fireless loco from Liliput comes DCC ready, low gearing and external valve gear. At £35 from Ebay it was just too good to miss.I was considering the chassis under an Avon side but instead, I decided to anglicise it for my South Wales layout's fictional steel pipe manufacturer. I removed the lighting and boiler fittings, then anglicised the cab,added a bell,charging pipework,steps,garter blue paint and enamel discs for the owners identifying mark finish the job. The boiler vessel



Motive Power for South Wales.

While the stock boxes were out today, I took the opportunity to take a pics of some of my stock.   Bachmann 56xx in Lined Green-this shouts South Wales to me more than Shirley Bassey in Cardiff carrying a leek! Then my new kid on the block,bought as a bargain because of a broken buffer.....love a bargain! Both of the above have crew,coal, lamps and very importantly for South Wales; Duty Discs.   Then we have these two scruffy individuals that work in the colliery itself. The Austerity is a



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