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Which motor/gearbox ?

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JLTRT Receivership

I've no intention of starting a topic which becomes a slanging match, so please resist the temptation to convert this blog into one.   I believe it would be appropriate to let others know how they'll be treated, under British Law, when a supplier they are dealing with ceases trading.   Some people will already know what happens, so this short blog is for those who don't know.   The following information is factual : June 2017 ; I placed a pre-paid ord



Which Motor/gearbox for a GWR 15xx ?

Hi.   I am new to the world of O gauge modelling.   I have recently purchased a Class 15xx model from Warren Shephard.   Should I opt for the Slaters 30:1 or 40:1 gearbox ?   It is a shunter, so wouldn't prototypically run at mainline speeds.   As the motor/gearbox units are >£100 I dont' want to get the wrong one.   Thanks Keith



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