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About this blog

A place to post loosely related projects and activities where they might entertain. Very unlikely to present a consistent narrative.


0.87 is the ratio between 1:76 and 1:87, two scales which I work to when I play with model railways. Both the scale ratios are obscure. For those modelling the railways of the British Isles, the existence of both scales has been inconvenient and uncomfortable ever since they both emerged in the 1930s. For anyone, it should be obvious that picking a scale ratio simply because it broadly represents in actual millimetres (or fractions of actual millimetres) a prototype imperial foot is a silly thing to do.

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Composing a layout with a photo editor

This evening I took some smartphone photos of my current layout project, something that I quite often do as it progresses to get a sort of scale eye view of things. I think of the layout, in scenic terms, as a set of cameos shaped by images and recollections. In the case of this layout, although I can contribute to the scenic setting from my own memories and photos, the details of the railway must all come from photos in books and online.   Because I have been thinking about backscenes


readingtype in Wasserbach

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