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About this blog

my collection of railway artillery mostly ww1 





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3d printed ww1 ww2 artillery

will soon be printing 35.5 cm Haubitze M1 all are 1/72 photos of painted next week other 3 have already been printed built 42 cm gamma mörser 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 30.5cm beta gerat mortar 09

railway gun

railway gun

Dover demo layout oo

To mark the 80th anniversary of 1940 and the second world war, the Dover demo is based on the Dover gun batteries. There will also be a 1940s armoured train along with numerous railway guns.

railway gun

railway gun

rod locos

mainline deans goods and mainline 43xx both now in Humbrol  Khaki  decals are from ebay  

railway gun

railway gun

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