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About this blog

There are numerous reasons for starting a "blog" on any given subject, but in the environment we find ourselves in at the moment it feels like a positive activity towards maintaining sanity. So here goes.

Lyghtondown, as I'm calling the railway  (you have to have a name, don't you) is the result of a series of events and actions spanning a few years now that has resulted in a layout that is 8 feet wide and 7 feet deep.  Within these confines we have tried to strike a balance between a Train Set and a Model Railway in a Sussex countryside branch line scenario.  Only time will tell if we achieve our goals.

Entries in this blog

For those interested ..

Just a quick one.   "Can I arrange to put the switches on the actuator" was, I think, the last question.   Yes:     and     So there are "T Slots" in the chassis into which rather small M1.6 bolts fit and M2.0 might fit (I haven't any to try).  I would hardly say that it is simple, but it is achievable.   Attached are the STL files for the chassis, the rod and two wheels (one with 10mm throw and the other with 4mm throw).


jeff_p in Point matters

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