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About this blog

Bits and pieces from the work bench. Generally looking at maintenance of locos and other projects. At present in 2020  have no layout setup due to a  problem with the attic, which needs fixing first before removing main layout from storage and setting it back up. So using my work from home desk as a  temporary work bench . Tend to purchase spares, repairs and non runners off Ebay and then teach myself how to rebuild them. 

Entries in this blog

LCB continued and starting Stock Storage

On Bank Holiday Monday I made my first dividers for the stock drawers. Used 9mm ply for the ends and 3mm ply for the dividers. Measured the width between the slots as 45mm which enables enough room for me to get my fingers into the slot to pick up the stock. Haven't glued dividers in as they are tightly wedged (sprung) into the slots. Unpacked some Hornby stock some of which hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of years. Usefully I found that two Hornby coaches (the grouping sort) will fit


MattB in General

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