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About this blog

I wasn't going to start a blog and get into things that much, but I've already learned things from other RMWeb-ers and I've learned more on top of that through research or experimentation, which might be useful for others.  So in the interests of sharing learning and lessons learned... here we go.  

Entries in this blog

Choice of GWR carriages for GWR mainline

I'd be grateful for thoughts about the 'more appropriate' choice of carriages for 1945 GWR Wiltshire mainline but with local traffic too....  I like the older Hornby Collet shirt button carriages - such as Hornby R4759 or R4760, because these seem more prototypical with connecting corridors and insignia.  But I'm wary of the lack of the 'joined up' connectors with massive gaps between them which might look too much like 'model train'.  I did see there are ways to make/buy those bellowed con



Lifecolor flesh paints on Modelu figures

I love Modelu figures - he says boldly, based on one small batch of them!  Truly brilliant (in my humble and beginner opinion).  As such, I want to do them justice with the paint job.  I got nice results using Humbrol paints for the first batch I got, these were ok in terms of my paint job.    Specifically regarding the skin... I used Humbrol flesh colour but adjusted with white or light grey or leather brown for variation.  I don't often go around staring at people intently, so it was



Oil stain tidemark in weathering powder on loco

Hi all, following kind advice from Mick Bonwick about oil showing through powder weathering, I had a look at this.  I thought my findings might be useful if you have the same problem, or you are going to start weathering a loco with powders.  These are not meant to be definitive instructions or a recipe success, just my thoughts about what I did and what I discovered, and what I'd do next time. If you cock it up yourself, using any of this material or anything else, then (in the nicest possible
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