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Running a Timetable and Bending the Rules.

Had some fun today coming up with my first draught timetable, obviously it needs some honing - but the basic outline is there.   Here's one of - what some might call - the more "imaginative" manoeuvres undertaken:    Cannon Street service arrives (Class 40 diesel hauled) at the Holding Siding.  It uncouples from the coaches, which are taken to the facing siding by my class 20.  (Plenty of clearance room!):       The Charing Cross service has be

Ray Von

Ray Von in Operations

Where Dent-de-Lion is.....

I wanted to share a small collection of images from this thread:  (with special thanks to those who contributed.)   https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/162153-input-ideas-on-planning-a-timetable-and-creating-a-location/page/1/#comments   And the layout, fictitious though it be, now sits on the North Coast of Kent.  For some, it's "Reculver" - a real place, developed beyond its actual status by the power of imagination to a relatively busy wharf, with indus

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

Zanussi Signage, Platform Numbers and Traverser Details.

After much discussion and thought, the "Railfreight" depot is now a "Zanussi" warehouse (special thanks and credit go to Nearholmer https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/26817-nearholmer/ for the idea.) The signage was easy enough to find online - one of them is for "Zanussi Professional" - I imagine this would be the industry arm of the business. I decided to keep the Railfreight and BR logos in situ, I doubt it's very prototypical practice - but I think it looks ok.

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

Whatever Happened to Tommy Gander...?

For anyone who doesn't know, Tommy Gander was a fictional Music Hall comic, a character that featured in the 1941 British film "The Ghost Train" portrayed by real life comic, Arthur Askey.   On his way down to Newquay to start a new sixteen week season of his act at The Pier Pavillion ("Well, we'll see how I go Monday night...") Tommy gets caught up in the events that unfold in the film (or was he instrumental in causing them...?)   Years later, Tommy Gander finds himself per

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

Making the "Gander's" Billboard.

I thought people might be interested to know how I came up with the aged "Gander's Holiday Camp" billboard.  So here's the method I used:   Firstly, I searched online for a good photo of Arthur Askey (not easy as photo's of the man himself were largely of him larking about and pulling faces!)   Having found a nice picture - I won't reproduce it here, in the interest of copyright laws - I set about drawing a passable charicature sketch in pen:     As you c

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

A Hotel on Platform One....

Just kidding!  I've had this "Monopoly" hotel kicking around for ages in my box of scraps - I think I picked it up off the pavement years ago...     Today I set about converting it into something useful for the layout - a newsagent kiosk.   Step one was to drill a hole in the side of the hotel and then square the circle using a file.   Next, I sanded down the surface of the building - prior to gluing on corrugated styrene sheet, to represent wood panellin


Some pics of details added to the layout today, signage, air conditioning units and the obligatory "lady in a bra" billboard (sorry!)

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

Magnetic Connector Headaches, Fetch the Wire Brush!

My homemade magnetic connectors were not as reliable as I would have liked - current transfer was intermittent and unpredictable.   I had a few trial runs with stripped wire ends as a method for achieving electrical contact, these were no more reliable!  I also considered buying some sprung contacts online...   However, inspiration struck - in the form of a set of cheap wire and brass cleaning brushes!  After a swift encounter with a pair of pliers I had removed three se

Ray Von

Ray Von in Traverser


Constructed and test ran a new traverser today.     The parts I used were the top and base section of a bookcase (the main baseboard is made from the side panels.) The traverser base is wall mounted with reinforced brackets, the deck is fitted with heavy duty drawer runners.    *EDIT - 8/2/21: Magnetic connector snapped at weld, see posts for 8/2/21 and 9/2/1 for details on repair and improvements!   Power is supplied from a connection block wired fr

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

Traverser Strain and a Start on the Control Panel.

One of the magnetic connection terminals snapped off today, where the wire meets the magnet.  Despite reinforcement measures, I guess the strain on the thin metal shaft was too great.   So, I had a stab at making my own (hopefully sturdier) version of the connector.  I stripped the end off some .6mm electrical cable and wrapped the exposed wire around a neodymium magnet, I then took a second identical magnet and sandwiched the wire between them.  Next, I sealed the whole terminal

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

A Name at Last (and a Burger Bar!)

I finally decided on a name for the layout, and added name-boards to the station today.     I settled on a French influenced one, inspired by a local road which in turn is named for a medieval landowner whose legacy is the road name and the remains of a gatehouse.   I think that the name fits in well with the Southern Region near-coastal setting.   The signs are "Knightwing" white metal (8 pack) and are grey primed with a bit of white dry-brushing (thanks

Building Detailing and Foliage Scatter.

Just a few odd jobs today, attached the lift shaft to the flats, added some concrete fence panels to the pub yard, made some platforms for the Railfreight Depot loading bays, and (because I can't find a suitable permanent candidate) added a temporary door to the goods depot - just to make it look functional.  Also got on with adding a bit of greenery to the trackside...           Primed some station name boards today, as soon as I figure out

Ray Von

Ray Von in Detailing

Lifts for the Flats and an Extension at the Pub...

I though I'd spoil the little residents of the layout by adding a lift shaft to the flats that were erected recently, I also enlarged the pub - adding ground-floor flat roof extension (room for a couple of pool tables, or a dining area, or a function room available for hire - who knows!?) :-) All additions were constructed from plasticard and / or leftover bits from model kits.       


Taking certain liberties with reality once more, I've made a small block of flats for my layout. I used various bits from my box of scraps, plus plasticard, card and even baking paper(!) I "raised the block up" with a section of plasticard painted to represent concrete, and a piece from a European N Scale kit to give the impression of underground parking or something like that... The doors and windows are from spares, the windows are dressed with baking paper net curtains (the kin

Last of the Ballasting and Some Building Detailing.

Injured my hand really quite badly while cutting styrene sheet.  Annoyed at myself for not being more careful - using a scalpel and a metal ruler, the blade jumped over the ruler and cut a sizeable bit off of my finger.    Anyway, onwards and upwards!   Finished the last of the ballast today, a strip at the back of the layout.   Also, added some detail to my pub building - Air conditioning ducting from a P and D marsh white-metal kit, a stonework base (Kibri te

Traverser, Tweaks and More Tracks.

Discovered today that I had ordered a different track (PECO SL-300F I believe) than I usually use - SL-300.   The result was that the track on the deck was approx 1 or 2mm lower than the track on the layout. Hmm... If I hadn't used "set track" points at the top of the traverser I could just raise the whole thing. However, the solution was pretty simple - a (temporary) strip of plasticard of the right depth, to lift the track very slightly.     I already have s

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

Third Rail Cabling

Added a few bits of wire to represent the cabling that connects sections of third rail.  I've no idea how prototypical it is, but it looks ok.  Reference was from photos I took of actual track, or memory and from online images. I used the wire from inside sandwich bag ties, curved into visually pleasing arrangements then primed white and later dry brushed black and white.  They are held in place with tiny beads of superglue.  

Ray Von

Ray Von in Third Rail

Station Details and Southern Region Fencing.

Just a couple of quick jobs attended to today - some timber details added to station gable ends (these are just cut card, primed grey and dry brushed green/brown) plus a couple of chimney pots - grey primer and "sand" coloured paint, weathered with black.  I also added a bit of Southern Region concrete fence erected around the old engine shed, I primed this white and then hand-painted beige, followed by a black wash and then dry brushed with beige again.      

A Pub of my Dreams...

I have long wanted a pub somewhere on my layout, but unfortunately I have limited space to put one - the only available site would in fact mean modelling in low relief.   Ideally, the pub would be situated on a spot that could offer a view that was interesting - for the tiny sozzled patrons.   I decided therefore to suspend reality somewhat and create a pub that probably wouldn't exist in real life.  And why not?   I found a likely candidate on eBay:    Up

Reclaimed Peco Goods Shed

Having a clear out of old model rail acquisitions, I found a Peco brand goods shed that I'd picked up as part of a job lot eBay purchase.  It was painted blotchy yellow, with a grey roof, dark red drainpipes, gutters and doors, and - somewhat bizarrely for a goods shed - it also had scale size holiday destination posters glued to it.   I very nearly consigned it to the recycling bin.  But I reconsidered and decided to take it on as a salvage project.   It had been

Converting a Station Kit to Fit... Part Two.

Following on from an earlier post, today (and a good part of yesterday) was spent building up layers of weathering on my recently "bashed" station kit.   Once painted with primer, I added two coats of yellow and picked out random bricks in varying quantities in black, white, brick red and blue-grey.  I painted the interior "arches" plain white too.   Having discovered that my usual "Brown Earth" paint had dried up in the pot, I ordered some more online - although not th

Platform Edging Improvement.

Got on with adding some detail to my "Kestrel" brand platform edges today, out of the box this particular model has plain edges with a faint brickwork pattern. I wanted to create something a little more authentic looking, this was achieved by simply gluing on some "Kibri" textured plastic sheet in strips over the existing edging.  I can't remember the particular name of the sheet I used, I would call it "irregular stone" or something like that.   The platforms themselves are about

Quick Build Co-op!

Having noticed - when going to the kitchen cupboard - that the "Co-op" have gone back to their old logo, I got to thinking that if I could build a Co-op Supermarket - the logo off a tea bag box etc could serve very nicely as a shop sign.   A quick rumage through the scrap box later,  I came up with a serviceable little low relief of the rear or side of a Co-op.  I used no glue in its construction, just good old double-sided tape to construct it (and the foam padded kind to add extra de

Converting a Station Kit to Fit...

Due to my unusual platform  format, see here:        I have had a Kestrel Station Kit waiting in the wings for a while now, waiting to be converted from "long and thin"  - as it is sold, to "sort of L-shaped" so it will fit neatly in the corner of the layout.   I started by measuring out the area that I have available - a square footprint of just about 10 x 11cm.  I then went about removing the various pieces of the kit from their sprues, and basically playing with

Ray Von

Ray Von in Kit Bashing

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