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Taking certain liberties with reality once more, I've made a small block of flats for my layout. I used various bits from my box of scraps, plus plasticard, card and even baking paper(!) I "raised the block up" with a section of plasticard painted to represent concrete, and a piece from a European N Scale kit to give the impression of underground parking or something like that... The doors and windows are from spares, the windows are dressed with baking paper net curtains (the kin

Quick Build Co-op!

Having noticed - when going to the kitchen cupboard - that the "Co-op" have gone back to their old logo, I got to thinking that if I could build a Co-op Supermarket - the logo off a tea bag box etc could serve very nicely as a shop sign.   A quick rumage through the scrap box later,  I came up with a serviceable little low relief of the rear or side of a Co-op.  I used no glue in its construction, just good old double-sided tape to construct it (and the foam padded kind to add extra de
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