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A Hotel on Platform One....

Just kidding!  I've had this "Monopoly" hotel kicking around for ages in my box of scraps - I think I picked it up off the pavement years ago...     Today I set about converting it into something useful for the layout - a newsagent kiosk.   Step one was to drill a hole in the side of the hotel and then square the circle using a file.   Next, I sanded down the surface of the building - prior to gluing on corrugated styrene sheet, to represent wood panellin

Station Details and Southern Region Fencing.

Just a couple of quick jobs attended to today - some timber details added to station gable ends (these are just cut card, primed grey and dry brushed green/brown) plus a couple of chimney pots - grey primer and "sand" coloured paint, weathered with black.  I also added a bit of Southern Region concrete fence erected around the old engine shed, I primed this white and then hand-painted beige, followed by a black wash and then dry brushed with beige again.      

Reclaimed Peco Goods Shed

Having a clear out of old model rail acquisitions, I found a Peco brand goods shed that I'd picked up as part of a job lot eBay purchase.  It was painted blotchy yellow, with a grey roof, dark red drainpipes, gutters and doors, and - somewhat bizarrely for a goods shed - it also had scale size holiday destination posters glued to it.   I very nearly consigned it to the recycling bin.  But I reconsidered and decided to take it on as a salvage project.   It had been

Converting a Station Kit to Fit... Part Two.

Following on from an earlier post, today (and a good part of yesterday) was spent building up layers of weathering on my recently "bashed" station kit.   Once painted with primer, I added two coats of yellow and picked out random bricks in varying quantities in black, white, brick red and blue-grey.  I painted the interior "arches" plain white too.   Having discovered that my usual "Brown Earth" paint had dried up in the pot, I ordered some more online - although not th

Platform Edging Improvement.

Got on with adding some detail to my "Kestrel" brand platform edges today, out of the box this particular model has plain edges with a faint brickwork pattern. I wanted to create something a little more authentic looking, this was achieved by simply gluing on some "Kibri" textured plastic sheet in strips over the existing edging.  I can't remember the particular name of the sheet I used, I would call it "irregular stone" or something like that.   The platforms themselves are about
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