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Why DCC not?

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About this blog

I started a family project which was located at my parents house, but COVID has put a stop to working together, so i have decided to have a little tickle of my own. The aim is mainly to learn and try new things, not necessarily to achieve any grand design

Entries in this blog

Making things move

As a proud owner of some Tillig track, but no layout plan i spent a moment deciding on the next step, which should be a simple, self-contained one to maintain some momentum and to get some more insights into the complexity of DCC. I plumped for installing a single HO point, which i would have to make from a kit and then mount on a small board where it could be controlled by a DCC driven point motor.    The point was relatively simple to build mechanically with the rails sliding into po


metijg in Getting started

Tillig track and Olivia's Trains - It's a start of sorts

I got hold of some Tillig HO / HOe track and had a play around with it. First impression is that It's very different to the standard PECO / Hornby settrack i'm used to, but it looks great and has an amazing variety of points, especially the HO and HOe mix together. Also had three locos (Peckett, Rushton and Baldwin) tweaked by Olivia's trains and they also turned out to be stunning, especially as it's the first time I've really experienced the full potential of DCC.   It's a first step


metijg in Getting started

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