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About this blog

Colin's Blog describes my return to railway modelling after a long absence. The plan is to create a Blog where my grandchildren and others can explore the various activities in two main areas:


A 1930s West Country setting with both town and rural components, designed to capture the essence of the time, the trains and places rather than strictly adhere to prototypical metrics. I call this place "Westown - Heathfield" very loosely based on Weston-super-Mare (my home town) and a Quantocks village.  Presently the time and date is Winter 1936





My second project is the rolling stock of the Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway. This will have no dedicated layout, it is an exercise in kit building which has proved most timely as it's seen me thru the recent shutdowns and recovery from a broken foot.

Entries in this blog

Stones and Blocks from Air Drying Clay

Nothing particularly novel in all this but I've designed a jig which suited my purpose of mass producing blocks of varying width and constant height. The original technique came from Physicsman as used for his Fell walls on Kirkby Luneside 1/2.   The materials used were: The base - a piece of laminated chipboard with a high quality relatively smooth finish. This is important because then the clay in the template mold doesn't stick and can be easily lifted out once cast but still w


BWsTrains in Workbench

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