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About this blog

This 'Midland during the early 1900s' blog is intended to be a online home for a series of small working dioramas, much inspired by a couple of rmWeb layouts, that will aim to portray different aspects of the Midland Railway, modelling in 2mm Finescale, post-World War I/pre-Grouping, during the late 1910s/early 1920s.  I do have a fascination with the pre-grouping period, when there was a pride in the railway companies, their activities, their appearance, as well as a degree of leadership to try and be the best, especially on the routes out of London.

Entries in this blog

Forge Gate Goods Warehouse - 1

Firstly, thanks to everyone that commented on the first post, and the wide range of thoughts, suggestions and help that those comments contained.  Its one of the aspects I do love about rmWeb, people are happy and willing to share their knowledge and help modellers to achieve better end results.  In my case, its appreciated and has spurred me on a bit.   So, as I said last time, the first module to be built will be Forge Gate Goods Warehouse.  The intention is that this will be a three

1900s MR - An Introduction

As a kid I was heavily into real and model railways, thanks to my Dad.  We had a large OO gauge layout in the loft, although like many it was more playing trains that modelling!  Then in my late teens/early 20s, the modelling side of the hobby just ceased to hold the interest.  OO gauge was looking more and more toy like and lacked the realism for me, and as a result my interest wained.   In my mid-30s, a revival of the model side, thanks to a friend, came about and I acquired a signif

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