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A Southern Region layout

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The villa from Stur

Beaminster Road is a plausible fiction based on historical fact - in order to populate the fiction, various local elements are employed such as Tilley's Garage (purposely mispelt) and the Dorset Farmers Ltd. sidings taken from Sherborne.   The stretch of road from the Stour Bridge into Sturminster Newton has rather nice villas as befit a Dorset market town, the villa on Beaminster Road is my homage to these homes.        The buildings remai

Jack Benson

Jack Benson in Layout

Midland stranger on the D&E

Like so many happy events, a chance comment has led to the return of a rather special model - a Hornby 2P that was one of the Child Okeford stalwarts.       Not really sure what implausible excuse could be found to justify why a SDJR loco has strayed so far from home but it will be very welcome. This image of an unadulterated R3315 provides a few clues as to why so much effort was expended in upgrading the model.   The actual model start

Jack Benson

Jack Benson in Layout

Locos of Beaminster Road

Locos of Beaminster Road   Keeping with the theme of 'tall chimney, big domes and low boilers' (with one or two notable exceptions) the candidates are not obvious and certainly not from the same source.   D15 as noted in '51 -BEC+OOWorks+Comet   K10 the only K10 to carry a BR number OO Works+Hornby   T9 - the erstwhile SR 'royal' loco, was a Dorchester resident in the '40-50s    02 noted at Yeovil Junc '49 KMRC  

Beaminster Road - Building a Southern Region layout

What we hope to achieve   Perhaps a bit late in the day to describe the concept behind the rebuilding of an all but abandoned layout.  However, confronted with empty baseboards we decided that there should be a theme with due consideration to the restrictions of space and finance, other considerations, that were just as important as were personal preferences for location and period but these are flexible whilst space and finance are not. Our space is just 4,8m x 3m, barely enou

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