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About this blog

A 1:32 scale representation of an 18" gauge tramway running from a works to a wharf on a river. The initial inspiration comes from the Brede Waterworks tramway in East Sussex near Hastings but in no way will this be a model of that particular line. The choice of a large scale is so that the models are still of a similar size to OO gauge locos and wagons, in fact the gauge could be 16.5mm and not be that far out, and in some ways this project is forward looking to a time when I may not be quite so agile and nimble-fingered.

Entries in this blog

Upsizing the bodywork - 1: The Funnel

The Roy Link kit I am using is for 7mm scale, but I am building this small 18" gauge Bagnall to 1:32 scale, a third as big again. Because Bagnall's seemed to scale the functional parts of their locomotives to the gauge they were going to be used on, most things below the footplate don't require modification, and nor do the functional bits, such as boiler, firebox and water tank. The human bits do, so the cab has to be higher, some of the controls - handbrake in particular - need to be upsized, a

Modifying the locomotive chassis

The great thing about the Roy Link Bagnall kit chassis is that it works just as well for a 1:32 Bagnall Sipat as it does for a 7mm scale 7" Bagnall. That is to say that the wheel diameters and spacing, the length and width and the positioning of things like cylinders, smokebox and cab are the same, give or take a millimetre for both. However, as with the 7" Bagnall, the valve gear is a little bit of a mystery. Bagnall's had their own patented valve gears, first the Baguley gear, and then the Bag

Starting work on the locomotive

The Brede tramway only had one locomotive, a pony substituted for it when the locomotive was out of service for maintenance or other reasons. So I envisaged only having one locomotive in this project too. There were two obvious choices. One was to build a small Bagnall loco like the one actually used on the Brede tramway, the other was to build a model of the small Hunslets used at Deptford by the War Department and later sold to the Sand Hutton line in Yorkshire. I had better documentation in t

So what is this all about then?

Or as those who know me may be saying, "this isn't Thai, it isn't 3mm scale, what are you up to?"   Well indulging myself in something completely different. I have dabbled in 7mm scale narrow gauge in the past, mainly modelling 2' gauge industrials so it is not completely off the wall. However I never came up with a suitable layout concept to take it beyond just building a few kits. In the process though I acquired a number of books, was an original subscriber to Roy Link's Narrow Gaug
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