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I'm a fidget so always a new project coming.

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The 'New' Peco Parkside BR 13 Ton Coal Hoppers

Because I grew up in the days of King Coal and was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it's not surprising that I fancied a few of these new coal hoppers. They didn't last too long in the required sector, but were used for many other products, even sugar beet ? In my opinion a super little kit, very little to complain about and I'm currently running 2 without any decals. Must road test before finishing, partially while trying to decide what loads to add, be it sand, coal, iron ore,


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My Wagon Works is still on Short Time

I have finished a few more wagons, usually by stripping couplings from either Bachmann RTR, or earlier kit builds. This one used a pair of long couplers that I found in a box of spares. With a longer overhang I could set the mounting blocks slightly further back to keep my closer coupling in line with earlier production.   So my Parkside PC49 LMS goods brake van :- Some 'rough' interior colour in case anyone is daft enough to try and look in.     See


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