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Summat Afoot.



A short and rather truncated clip of my 24 running through the three wayer.

Also showing the browning of the land ready for scatters etc.


Next up though are the painting of the canal bed and making those canal bridges...



wharfs end v3.wmv



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Hey Chris.


Thats comming along well. I really wished I made something a little smaller sometimes! I love the texture you have there, if you give the whole lot a wash of diluted black paint or ink then gently drybrush it with white it will make that texture come alive.


M :)

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Thanks for the suggestion Missy, but that texture was not exactly intended...!

It does seem to resemble the Ozzie outback at present, but it is going to be largely concealed by overgrowth.

I think where rock does show through I will use your idea though.

Not sure how to get a realistic canal water finish. I recall canal water as being quite black and opaque, and highly refelctive, covered with leaves etc; which is why i've chosen a very dark blue- black initial base coat.


Pictures to follow when RMW lets me.

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