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O gauge Sentinel ready (almost) for varnish



Here's a quick snap of the Sentinel as it stands this lunchtime




All I need to add is the "RA 1" lettering (will have a dig around in the transfers box tonight) and then it's varnish time :)


I am going to have a go at oil finishing the steel buffers, not done this since school, but I have a blowtorch and some nice dirty engine oil - what can possibly go wrong :O

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Ian while you have the buffers off don't forget to file the nipple off the end of the buffers.


looking very good.



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Nice work Ian, I remember seeing this in the flesh at the Members day, its come a long really nicely.



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Nicely done, Ian.


One question: The rivets on the solebars look like 'innies', not 'outies'. Is that a trick of the light?

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Well spotted Buckjumper - my mistake and a reflection on how few "scratch aid" kits I have built - I didn't realise I was supposed to punch them through from behind though the half etch and basically built the chassis inside out (including the buffer beams)


By the time I realised it was far too late. Next time ;)

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Nice Model ian.

You could use the inny rivets to spot some quick set araldite in using a tooth pick or something similar.



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