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DJH Duke of Gloucester - a rebirth



A commission one this, for our local vicar and follows on from the Golden Arrow Crosti 9F that I did for him. The loco was in a very sorry state, it had not been put together very well, although the finish was not bad. Quite a lot of the original detail parts were never fitted (blower tunnel etc) and It had suffered at the hands of someone else who had attempted to add weight and get it to run on trainset curves.


So the brief was to make it look and run as well as my Golden Arrow 71000.


Into the Superstrip it went and it promptly fell apart. The tender needs less work, just a refinish really so lets concentrate on the loco. Here's how it stands at the moment




The intention is to solder the boiler to the firebox and then firebox to cab using the running plate as a guide. Still undecided about soldering the boiler assembly to the footplate, they bolt together by design, but it might be a more robust loco if it was all soldered.


I have an old Crownline Brit detailing pack that I robbed some parts from for my 71000 build - there is a blower tunnel in there at least plus some other detailing parts that will be added in due course.


Once the body is done and primed I'll switch to the chassis (which is a mess!)

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