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More work on that 150...

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The Fatadder


Pretty much as the title says, a little more work on the 150 (although nothing that really makes for a great photo.....)


The process of renumbering my Regional Railways 150 to 150232 is making a little progress, all of the Bachmann numbers are now removed (using the usual microsol method), the new numbers should be fitted at the weekend once I've picked up the transfers. Will also hopefully get a chance on Friday to test fit some new glazing in it.....

Once the glazing is test fitted I can get on with carving off the old window frames ready for the etches.


Given the choice of 150232 I have also had to sort out the new Wessex logos for it. These have been drawn up on Autocad working from a photo shown on Martyn's fotopic. I started by correcting the orientation to get the logo square, then scaled it to the correct size. Once this was done it was copied into paint to carefully recolour the background to white (along with a few tweaks in windows photo editor to try and sort out the colour of the red.) Finally it was test printed to see if my printer could handle printing them (which amazingly this time it did), this said I am still thinking I will talk to some transfer making people and see how much the cost will be for a sheet of them (given that I really need some of the same logo but in white, to use on 'proper' wessex livery.

Test fitting onto the model showed that the size is right.




The next job is going to be repeating the process with the later Wessex logo which I need for a couple of 158s, might even get on and draw up the picture details for the 150 and 158 I have planned as well....... Will also get on and draw up the new seat covers.......


Going back to the model, I have finally got all of the glazing removed from the unpowered end of the unit, and have also removed the etched suround from the exhaust (although given the amount of glue which was holding it on its going to need a touchup on the paint (tricky given Bachmann's incorrect shade of blue) so some pretty heavy inner end weathering is going to be needed!

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John at Precision labels will be able to help with the transfers I'm sure - contact him via the contact page on his website! No affiliation other than a satisfied customer - he made up some custom nameplates for me in the past.

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Have had a look at their website but it does look like it might be a bit expensive for what I'm after given all the prices seem to be for large A4 sheets (and 4 logos will fit in an area of a couple of square inches.) The other problem is that they dont accept cad files, and I havent managed to get my artwork into another program without screwing up the sizes. the usual method of exporting as a jpeg just isnt working (resulting in a mess)


Still, will drop him an email tomorrow and find out how much it would be.

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