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Golden Arrow Crosti - Loco Drive





I've started making my second Golden Arrow Crosti 9F, this time this one's for me - a loco drive version using the latest Hornby Railroad 9F chassis. The intention is to sell off my existing tender drive version that although having given stirling service on Summat Colliery since day one, is, after all, tender drive.


To complicate matters the Railroad tender chassis will not do as it's too long at the front and lacking in the details that the current Britannia tender has. Although I have a couple of these tender chassis is stock of course the drawbar arrangements are completely different between the two locos.


Out came the hacksaw and after a lot of fiddly filing I have carved a slot in the 9F chassis to allow the drawbar to sit on a longish 8BA screw threaded through the original 9F drawbar fixing hole




here's it with the tender chassis offered up




Eagle eyes will spot a large black thing fixed to the tender, yep - a big speaker to go with the Zimo MX645 loaded with Paul Chetter's multidrive 9F sounds. I have removed the pickup wires from the tender connector and soldered the speaker to it. I will fit an X9606 Britannia wiring harness to the loco to complete the speaker feed.




The 8 pin socket and associated wiring has been removed and the MX645 will be hard wired to the loco and the biggest Stay Alive capacitor I can fit in will be used to ensure uninterrupted sound now that the tender pickups have been lost.

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