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Fiddling around again!



More progress on the fiddle yard. It's all wired up and tonight I cleaned off the black paint from the rails and then soldered the buffer stop to the end of the engine shed road - spilling half a bottle of flux all over the board during the process! Hope it doesn't attack the ply!


couple of snaps, first the fiddle yard




and the public side, before the buffer stop and flux were applied!




Next I need to add the concrete apron/floor to the engine shed. The card for this is laminating overnight then will be stuck to the scalescenes print before being cut to shape. I'm going to use McDonalds coffee stirrers as wooden edging between the outside rails and the concrete apron.

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Blob of blue-tac could work wonders for keeping your flux, alternatively invest in a bottle holder from London Road Models for the high-tec solution.

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