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Fourgig East - Engine shed road



So, a day off work produces instant progress!


I've added the Scalescenes concrete floor to the engine shed and produced a nice boarded infill between the "concrete" and the rails with, yes you guessed it, McDonalds coffee stirrers.






looks a bit bare in there, will need some "junk" to make it look occupied :)


Bufferstop has also received it's "sleepers" from the same economic modelling resource. Will add some rivet heads using spare Archers transfers left over from the Sentinel. The buffer is an S&D Models example bought from Freestone Models at last year's Birkenhead show, shows how long I have been planning this thing :lol:




Going to do a full operational test this afternoon, as long as #2 son who is off poorly will let me have the room!




Been busy with the soldering iron and we have a Duncan Models water crane assembled :)



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whenever that is ;)


I hope to have the basic scenery in place for Mansfield in March at least ....


Have you tried buying hanging basket liner a month before xmas!

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