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Return to Cheslyn



Had a couple of GWR ground signals turn up from an outstanding order a few months back so I thought I'd do a bit more work on Cheslyn. Also started installing some Spratt and Winkle couplings on some more coach stock.


One day I was playing with a Vi Trains class 37 whilst working on the couplings at the same time - never a good idea. After the session I picked up the 37 and found a dirty great superglue blemish and a bit of finger tip hanging off the bodywork. This was quite a shock and I didn't know quite what to do at first, but out came the glass fibre pen. Unfortunately this fetched the original paint off right down to the white plastic shell. The situation was quickly getting dire. So out came the paint brushes and some rail blue acrylic. Unfortunately, the paint and body shell colour didn't match so out came some watered down black acrylic in a vain attempt to use a bit of weathering to hide the repair.


After many hours messing about I decided to consult fellow Rmweb member Sandhill's magnificent blog and his easy to understand weathering method. The result is a follows and I'm quite pleased with the result. So a big thanks to Sandhill's. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/42150-a-diorama-or-two-by-sandhills/










Other traction which are RTR. Note the Heljan 33 - you might ask what this is doing on a GWR branchline - but it is my favorite model and it's my trainset after all!






I'm not happy now with the Vi Trains windows on the 37 and I don't have the confidence to put in a Shawplan's etched window front - any ideas out there on what I can do to improve the look without too much hacking about with the model? Suggestions will be gratefully received.

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What a treat, Mike. I really like the weathering on the 37, and the loco actually looks quite in place on Cheslyn.


I laughed out loud at the "bit of fingertip hanging off the bodywork" - well sorry, but it sounded funny. And of course only the modeller would think of saving the model first and the finger later :-)


I'm off to browse your gallery images now.

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Thanks Mikkel,


Yes, I have to admit not giving much thought to my finger at the time.  Besides, the super glue had sealed up the injury so there was no blood to contend with - better than plasters actually!


I was really stressed about the 37 at the time, but it's funny how the minor triumph over the disaster brought much satisfaction in the end.  The finger healed nicely too!

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Mike, hi


Have always enjoyed to see this layout...and now even more so with the infiltration of BR Blue...its fits so well :yes:


As per Mikkel, loved the fingertip narrative...funny how that kicked off a whole weathering exercise...which has turned out very well indeed.


Any chance of anymore low level phots of BR Blue infiltrating?


And agreed on the superglue v plaster scenario...been there a few times.


Happy New Year :D

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Great to see the return of Cheslyn, Mike.


Definitely one of my favourites.


Love the diesels btw. Prefer the kettles though!



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