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Slug it out



blog-0592354001357767267.jpgI've had to set the Deltic to one side for a while as it was seriously doing my head in! However, one man's loss is another's gain as my time has been temporarily diverted to the recordings of 37901 made at the East Lancs Railway last year. Regular viewers will know this to be a habit of mine, switching from one project to another in order to maintain sanity and enthusiasm. Progress on the slug has been rapid and satisfying. Don't get me wrong, I love the Deltic sounds and they are really good in the Heljan loco but I've found the editing quite tedious and time consuming.


In contrast, I am really enjoying the sounds of the chugging Mirlees engine in my Bachmann 37 test bed. I suspect it will be very popular with the 37 fans out there. The sound project is quite different to 'traditional' ones and although there are inevitably some looped engine sounds in there, you tend to hear them less than normal and the overall effect is more like a real loco. The engine sounds are 80-90% completed so it won't be too long before release. Thanks to Richard Armstrong for use of his photo here. Check out what Richard did with his recordings of the loco at 'The Armstrong Powerhouse' website.


On the photography front, the alignment of good weather, a week day, and a day off have been few and far between, but today fortune was on my side and it was off to a couple of favourite local spots on the WCML. I've had my D700 for a while now and I'm starting to get the results I'm after.


Finally, this evening's task was to fit a v4 chip and a pair of 'sugar cube' speakers into Maggie's 08 for Warren Lane, by way of contribution to this excellent layout. Listen out for it next time you see WL on the circuit.

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I had my first visit to the East Lancs last year. It was good to see 37901 the loco sounded in pretty good health. I went for a Bash on the 24 though, well nice.


I am thinking of putting sound in my class 08 do you think sugar cude speakers are the way to go, I haven't heard about them before. I am fairly new to this DCC lark.


Cheers Peter.

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Sugar cube speakers are the only way to go with the 08, anything else will be too quiet (I know from bitter experience). Fit two of them in parallel in the nose, after cutting out the rectangle of black plastic behind the grille. Only this week I found (again by bitter experience) that the Zimo sugar cubes are much louder than the CT Electronic ones, despite them appearing to be identical (apart from the colour - the Zimo ones are black, CT's are transparent).

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Thanks Biff,

I will give the Zimo ones a go I was thinking of useing there sound chip anyway. It's  a while off yet though.  I am planning to order your Crompton sound from DC kits in the next few days.


Cheers Peter.

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I may have asked this before, but any chance of a 37906?  Sure it'd be a popular addition to the list, given the popularity of the real loco and the availability of an off-the-shelf model from Kernow...





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