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Crosti 9F #2 - Ready for paint (almost!)




Quick snap of '023 in an almost state of readiness for the paint shop.




Just got the undercab footstep to fabricate - I've ordered some Evergreen 1.5mm angle which should arrive next week. The fiddly bits have served as a good practice for the other one I am building for a member and '023 will wait in this condition until I have worked the commission one up to a similar point.


The plan is to deliver both to Dave Roome at the Doncaster Show for weathering, so I'd better get my finger out :lol:

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Looks excellent, I remember seeing them all in various stages of construction in Crewe works back in 1954. So ugly they were almost cute, well almost! I can't remember when they were rebuilt as fairly normal locos, when was it?


Nice job!



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Looking back a few blog entries give the game away ;)




It's a Golden Arrow resin kit on a RR Hornby chassis. The kit is designed for the older loco drive chassis but goes on pretty well with a little fiddling - mainly the preheater sides have to be taken down a LOT as the older body rode too high on the chassis which has been corrected with the current loco drive version.

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Cheers Grasslands. The big thing to remember with this kit is that if you are doing a full crosti the "blower" and duct needs to be removed from the left hand boiler side - these were only present on the rebuilt versions as the blower was mounted on the preheater on the as builts

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I wouldn't mind having a go doing one with a Bachmann 9F though, would mean a lot of work as I'd retain the BM cab and the gear tower would mean a two piece preheater assembly .....

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