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Crosti 9F #2 - Time to get down and dirty




So '23 is resplendent in ex-works shiny black




Just the plates to fit, then off to Roomey for weathering.




Narrow Planet's work, painted with white enamel, left 24 hours, overpainted with matt black acrylic and immediately wiped off with a finger. Note two sets - the ones for '021 are for the similar version I am building for a member of this parish at the same time.


Roomey's going to be busy as that's two Crosti 9Fs and my Hornby O1 to deliver to him at the Doncaster show.




and here's '23 (with '21 in the background on my ELH Bogies paperweight) in grey primer, you can see the detail better :)



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Beautiful looking model there Ian, all set for some tasteful weathering.


Is that a GOLD BAR under the painted plates, another little side line you got going.




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I wish! it's really an Ikea worktop lit by a fluorescent desk lamp - the same surface that the loco is photoed sitting on.

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Personally, I can't wait until they are weathered, Can't stand the glossy finish. I would normally have not posted a pic unless a good few coats of satin varnish had been applied, but as these are going straight to Roomey for weathering it was not worth the time and cost of doing it. 

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