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Postcards from Cheslyn



Some Edwardian style postcards. These have been made using a free program on the internet called Be Funky. The new store shed is made from coffee stirrers and matchsticks - I used the Scalescenes free upload of the same shed as a template to stick the cut wood on. Can't say enough about the versatility of Scalescenes products - brilliant little kits to make.














This is an ordinary shot of the new store shed. It took about 4 hrs to make start to finish. The nail effect was achieved by digging the end of a scalpel into the wood and giving it a half turn. Black pastel was applied over the wood then scrapped away with a glass fiber pen. I've only recently discovered the glass fiber pen which is a really handy weathering tool and has now become an indispensable item in my tool kit (thanks goes to Horsetan who uses it in his weathering technique). The roof was made by using strips of masking tape then painted in black acrylic.


Note the blocking placed in the bogie of the Dean Single. It's only a piece of plastic that has been cut to size and glued into place then painted black - not exactly graceful modeling but it does take the daft look off the gaping space between bogie and frame on the Hornby model.



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Very nice Mike - looks like you had some fun producing these..


Agreed on the scalescenes kits - have made a few for my sons layout and they are really well thought out - going to try a few things using the materials sheets now.


Liking that new store too - am guessing you like your cafe Mike :D

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Brilliant again. Tonnes of atmosphere. The matted look of the postcards - and the font - works really well. The church one especially would've fooled me, it has that high contrast and slightly retouch

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Thanks guys.


Yep, I had a lot of fun with the photo editing stuff - they can't make a yellowy colour shot look quite good.  That's one of the problems I've had with this layout by putting in a box - the lighting of it.  It really is all part of a learning curve toward that perfect layout one day!


I really embarrass the other half sometimes as she catches me putting bundles of stirrers in my pockets every time we go to a coffee shop (mind you I do always ask first and the staff never seem to mind)!!  These things just go in the bin after one use and so it seems that I'm doing my bit for the green revolution - well that's my excuse any way :)


I'm really pleased with the Church - this little experiment in forced perspective has worked out really well and has fueled a lot of ideas for future layouts.

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