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Bristol Barrow Road - Templot & Trackwork



A few weeks ago I received the second phase of Templot from my good friend Morgan consisting of the south exit including a single slip, Lawrence Hill Junction and some modified trackwork that goes behind the junction signal box to the shed.

In the prototype the double track lines, from the Junction, that run behind the junction signal box operated as two single lines, one to St.Philips Station and the other to the Carriage Sidings, St Philips Goods Yard and the Cattle Dock, however for the model the trackwork has been modified to give me an additional exit track out of the roundhouse whilst roads to the carriage sidings [ they will not be modelled ] are represented going off layout.
















Having laid the new Templot I made the short sections of trackwork into the front of the roundhouse followed by the completion of the two coal sidings with their buffer stops.


Following this I had a surge of enthusiasum and started on the turnout by the office and then the tandem three way to the carriage sidings the latter shown on the assembly board..............



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That's an awful lot of track which ends in a big drop off the side of the baseboard Robin. Whats the plan?



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That's an awful lot of track which ends in a big drop off the side of the baseboard Robin. Whats the plan?



Hi David,


The tracks going to the right are to Lawrence Hill carriage sidings which were alongside and to the right of the shed. They will terminate at the edge of the baseboard and the pointwork will be permanently fixed to follow the left curve into the shed. If I ever win the lottery a get a huge railway room I have made provision to extend the layout. The baseboards even have alignent dowels fitted :) . Certain friends have suggested I model these sidings and also the two huge gasometers at the rear of the shed as additional projects - they have received rude comments!


Good to hear from you



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I wouldn't bet on it but you never know. It will be good to see your locos on the layout again :)



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