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Model Rail Sentinel - Ready for duty



Santa brought me a MR Sentinel, bless her ;) and after clearing the deask recently I thought I'd get it ready for duty on Summat Colliery. I initially chipped it with a Hornby R8215 just to test it out and was pleased with how nicely it ran. However, in an exhibition environment I don't want a slow moving shunter to be prodded by the hand of god too often, so a StayAlive capacitor was in order.


Space being an issue I investigated the TCS DP2X-UK - no wires to worry about for a start. Looking at pictures of the -KA version with wires for their "Keep Alive" unit it was pretty obvious where to solder the wires for a home grown version. So one 1000uF capacitor, a restistor and diode later we have this




crawls along on speed step 1 out of 127 without stopping :)


Keen eyes will see that the loco has also received a 3-link coupling at the "display only" end and a light weathering. I've also added a bit more real coal to the bunkers in a more haphazard fashion to the molded plastic as supplied.


I will paint all the components black so they are less noticable when the lid's on and maybe add a driver etc to further disguise the rather large (for this little loco) capacitor


Roll on the Lincoln Show in June!

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