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WD Austerity - details and sound



have had this loco in the operating fleet on Summat Colliery for years, bought from a fellow member back in early 2009. I got Roomey to weather it but forgot to add the detail pack etc. So as part of this project to add sound I also added the details.


The black plastic parts were fitted and toned down with PP Weathered Wood which is a pretty good match for Roomey's base weathering. The 247 Developments fire iron rack was fitted and blended in too. I removed the fake coal load and made the bunker rusty and dirty black then added some real coal.


The decoder was removed from the loco and a 4 way micro connector lead soldered to the motor wires and pickups to pass through to the tender. four small holes were drilled in the plate that carries the pickups and the wires passed through. These were painted black to disguise them. The Socket was "Man Glued" (Screwfix no nonsense mitre bond) to a slot drilled and filed into the tender floor.


The fixings for the tender weights were removed and a speaker grille drilled to allow the sound to escape down towards the track. An ABS 40x30mm speaker was black tacked to the floor.




The decoder needed a flat filing on the front of the speaker housing to allow it to sit on a slope matching the underside of the coal bunker, once this was done it was soldered to the connector and speaker and job done :)


Final shot of the tender body before coal and decoder fitting




and here's a link to the youtube vid


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Guest Mikado


Very nice, this will be my next project.

May I as where you sourced the 4 way micro connector




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Guest Mikado


Thanks, they have duly been ordered from the ends of the earth, how do they do it at that price with free postage?

I am being a bit thick but where will the decoder go in the photo and where is the flat ??

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  • RMweb Gold

Sorry, photos were taken before I had the decoder. I was so keen to get it in and running I forgot to take more snaps. The flat is at the "front" edge of the speaker so that the decoder sits on it at an angle

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Guest Mikado


Thanks that is clearer yo me now.

You have been very patient so one last question, where would I buy the decoder with the Austerity sound file pre loaded?

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  • RMweb Gold

Give Roy of Locolines a ring on 01268 729499, or Howes Models do one too. The speaker that I used is much bigger than the standard one supplied with the decoder, so this will need to be ordered seperately. I had one spare from another project.

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