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Alexander Class 15 - now with sound!



I've been making a few postings over the forum over the last few days asking for help with horn sounds etc for the class 15 and thanks to the preservation society's voutube channel I have managed to capture and chop around using Audacity to give me a couple of horn sounds. These were added to a standard ESU 16 cylinder diesel project.


I know that it will not sound anything like the real thing, apart from the fact it's a disesel :lol: but hey, until the real thing is restoreed to running this is the best I can expect.


Because of the transient nature of this sound project I was reluctant to hard wire the decoder so I substituted a spare 8 pin socket left over from my Crosti 9F project to the unpowered bogie instead of the Lenz Standard decoder that was there previously.


The standard speaker would not fit between the fuel tanks and the bogie towers so a spare ESU twin speaker was fitted to the chip. Chip and speaker were black tacked to the underside of the loco roof and the decoder plugged into the socket. Pretty tidy job, and I can remove the decoder and plug in a different one at any time now :)


Here's a few pics:








I'll post a vid tonight to youtube for you all to pick holes in ;)




and here it is


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I'm guessing this is 4mm scale? I'd like a 7mm one of these but the only one available is from the elusive Steve Beattie

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  • RMweb Gold

Yes, it's OO. An O gauge version would be nice for Fourgig too, but not until the real one is working ;)

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  • RMweb Gold

Hiya, quick question as the archive seems to have dissappeared and I used to pop onto the build of this loco for reference - did you fix the outer sandboxes to the bogies as per the real loco, or behind the buffer beams as per the kit instructions?


Thanks :)



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  • RMweb Gold

I think I attached them to the buffer beams. Had to remove quite a lot of whitemetal to clear the bogies as I remember ....


here's a pic of the body in primer with the sandboxes attached



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  • RMweb Gold

Fantastic - thanks :) I want to put the boxes on the bogie but the castings don't make that easy unfortunately. Might have to follow the instructions!

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Have you had to do anything to the bogies since you built this?  Mine (which saw a lot of use on Thurston) has worn the grooves in the bogies so badly that the axles are slopping about all over the place and it shorts every so often.  I'm looking at trying some 2mm ID tube as a bearing to rectify it.


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  • RMweb Gold

No, to be honest it gets very little use as it only runs on Summat Colliery, which only seems to get it's outing at the Mansfield Show every other year!

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