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GWR 4 wheel brake 3rd - 1st side ready for lining



So, the time is almost upon me when I tackle the Bob Moore lining pen!


The first side is painted out, but I won't be putting the pen to this until I've practiced on the as yet untouched sides for the all 3rd






There's still a few bits that need touching up, but I'm hoping the lining will cover most if not all of them, we shall see. The other side is still masked out waiting for the window frames to be painted.


I've also repainted some of the cheapie eBay seated figures ready for fitting - the chap in the nice pink suit with pink shoes was first :lol:


Still want some mountain bikes and baby buggies for the guard's compartment ....

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That looks superb Ian. Im loking forward to seeing the results of your lining too. You dont fancy having a go at some 2mm coaches do you?


Missy :P

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not flippin likely, this looks like driving me mad in 7mm!


Thanks for the kind words :)

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