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Jen-tug flatbed lorry

Job's Modelling


For Northall Dock I try for the first time to create the scene inside out.

I asked myself the following questions:

- What is the story behind Northall Dock ?

- What will be the mean scene ?


The answer to the first question will be answered in another entry.

The answer on the second question is: a loading scene by a warehouse.


First some background information about the used model:


In the late 1940s production of the 'Jen-Tug' began. It was a 3 ton articulated vehicle, available with a wide range of trailers, including a flat trailer, a wire-sided trailer, a box trailer, a tipping trailer, a shallow tipping trailer, a high-sided trailer, a swan-neck trailer with winch, and a container.

The cab had an Austin A.50 four-cylinder, overhead valve petrol engine, with a capacity of 1.5 litres, and an output of 50 b.h.p. at 4,400 r.p.m. It had a built-in four-speed synchromesh gearbox, a Borg & Beck, single dry-plate 8 inch hydraulically operated clutch, and was mounted on an easily removable sub-frame. It also had powerful Girling hydraulic brakes with 11 inch diameter drums on both the tractor and trailer, a Jensen patent tractor coupling, operated from the cab, and a turning circle of 22 feet.





A 1950’s picture of a Southern Jen-Tug

The 'Jen-Tug' became quite popular, and was supplemented by an electrically-powered version, the 'Jen-Helec'.

The vehicles were made at West Bromwich, and also in Jensen's factory at Stoke.

Info from:


On this website more info about Jensen Commercial Vehicles.


Below the model I build as the central scene for my new diorama.




First I gave the model a finish with a mat varnish, after I had added the load and lorry driver.

Then I weathered it with pastels and pigments.




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Looks very 1950s, Job. You are very good at finding the details that define a period. I like the big wicker basket in the photo. Hornby did some pretty good representations of these.

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Thanks Mikkel, like to find that details. 

Just for the diorama's I'm building they will be important.

The focus is not on running of the trains. Although in the past I was a active member of Fremo with the accent to working train running tables, wagon bill etc. for the then compost modular layout.

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