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The Works - Roof Covering



Some pics of the roof covering going on. Mounting card pasted with the Scalescenes Aged Clapboard render has been used as an outer cover leaving the window openings clear. The outside of the card will be covered with simple strips of masking tape which will then be painted in black acrylic - this will nicely simulate an asphalt covering (this worked well on my model of a track side store on my Cheslyn layout).




What's great about taking photos during a build is that it shows up details that need adjusting - note the two support columns that are slightly (but annoyingly) out of plumb.






Progress has been slow I'm afraid after having spent 3 days in hospital with Kidney stones. Excruciatingly painful business that has left me weak as a kitten for a while. I'm just thankful that it has been nothing more serious! It's great just to be back at home tackling the model again.


Eagerly awaiting the arrival of some pendant lights from Express Models - that should help balance out the light levels and make things a little brighter inside. I'm toying with the idea of using the Scalescenes Aged Corrugated render on transparencies for the windows or simply using clear plastic. This Corrugated finish worked well for my Barrow Hill window lights, but I'm wondering if it'll only make the interior darker. Comments welcome.

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Firstly, I hope you're feeling better now Mike..sounds very painful indeed.


Stunning photos of a great project...it really does look the business and very atmospheric. The fact there are not even any locos in it at present is testament to great modelling.


It was the only the third pic that hints its a model by virtue of what it looks like to be another of your models in the distance!


Compelling and inspiring :good:

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Hi Pete,


Thanks very much for your flattering comments. The other model in the third pic is the back end of my very first layout - Paternoster Row.


I'm feeling a lot better now, but got to go back to the Hospital on Thursday for another scan etc. Thankful of the modeling at times like these!! Hope to use the time off to crack on with it.





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Hi Mike, I hope things will work out ok with the kidney stones, it can be a frustrating/drawn out process I hear.


Anyway, this post deserves ten times the attention it seems to get. Not fair!


Your roof is absolutely fantastic. The fine-ness of the whole support structure is spot on and makes it look real. That last shot is amazing, so much atmosphere and realism.

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Hi Mikkel,


Thanks for your very gracious comments.  


I'm feeling much better now, but the illness have left me feeling quite weak.  I guess it's my age as much as anything as I've suffered from Kidney stones much of my adult life.  Usually it's just a quick bounce back, but this time it really has drained me of energy.  Having said all that, it's not a serious illness so I've much to be thankful for.


As for getting a lot of attention, I'm not so sure that it has got anything to do with fair.  As I discovered just yesterday, there's so much to see on RMweb and the vast majority of it is top notch modeling so any hit I get is gratefully received.  Living in the back of beyond, RMweb has made me feel a lot less isolated and it's brilliant just to be a part of it.  In fact, any comments received, especially from people who I consider to be real doyens, provide loads of encouragement.  Secondly, pastiche modeling is not everyone's cup of tea and I've found that the more popular posts are of those layouts and stock that have been meticulously researched and then executed to extremely high standards. It also has a lot to do with novel presentation, Farthing being a particular case in point.  The Edwardian railway is a fascinating subject and RTR remains sparse so a serious attempt at modeling the period belongs to the realm of the kit and scratch-builder.  Something I aspire too so it's brilliant to have people like yourself who are willing to share their research and build methods in such an interesting way.  BCNPete is another who has a flair for putting together a thoroughly enjoyable blog.  He could write a modelling book based on his drawings alone; if fact, it could be entirely wordless as the drawings are so self explanatory - I think he may have discovered a universal railway modeling language!!   


Anyway, I begin to ramble - maybe it's the Pethidine they've given me!!!  It's back to the modeling bench to use the time off a bit more productively.  





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Hi Mike, you are right about attention, that is not what it is about. It just seems a bit random sometimes whether a blog entry og forum  thread gets on the radar or not. But that's life, eh.


Pastiche modelling, now that's an interesting term. I think I know what you mean by it, but it is certainly very much my cup of tea. I like your point about Pete's drawings being a universal modelling language, that's exactly what they are!


Good luck with the "bench time", I can't wait to see more.

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