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Ruby Road sidings part 4. Try again.



after a little more playing about with track and photo copies of points i have reached a stage where i think i have a workable plan for the extension of the sidings to allow a loco to shunt wagons. :)


mock up on the kitchen floor to prove the theory, but the use of two 3 way points may be a bit over the top?

i may allow for 2 more sidings and have another try before fixing to any wood.

i also need to check the length of my longest wagons and locos to make sure i can fit them onto the yard.

I do think this is looking a bit straight and could do with a gentle curve.

it will need a hard standing area too.

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Nothing like messing with paper templates to get the creative juices flowing!


Looking good so far!

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Work has stopped play so no further progress on the sidings to report.

I will come back to it though.

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On 07/02/2019 at 19:26, Shed said:

good idea with the templates

Easier to move and try new ideas

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